How doesn’t love new and exciting music? I sure do. That’s why I’ve put together a totally new Spotify playlist for the Glazed website. There are the golden oldies such as She’s Lost Control by Joy Division & Natural Blues by Moby, but – since my visit to London this weekend – I also found some new and exciting artists to enjoy. I’ve lined up the three coolest ‘new’ tunes that I found and featured in the playlist.


If you don’t like techno or deep house this tune might not be your thing. But if, like me, you are infatuated with electronic music than this is one of the tunes you must hear. It’s been out there for quite sometime, but I still didn’t manage to hear it until now. I got to visit his live set at fabric (one of the best nightclubs in London) and it was absolutely out of this world!

I’m definitely going to subscribe to his Soundcloud and if you want to do so too, you can find the talented bloke here: At his Soundcloud you’ll not only find nice tunes by the master himself, but also his mixtapes. Make sure to give him a listen or catch his set live if you have the chance.


This is my personal chill-out tune. I know this song might not be extremely new – I’ve tweeted it a few times before -, but I just had to give it some more attention since I don’t have the idea people know Banks’ songs well enough. Especially not this one, since it’s being flooded by the Snakehips remix, that I personally don’t find as good as the original song.

I didn’t got to see her live when I went to PITCH festival, although she was performing there. She was lined up at the same time Todd Terje was and since I’m kind of a fan of his I just had to go and catch his disco vibes, but ever since hearing her LONDON album (which you can listen to here: Banks – LONDON) I just have to see her someday soon.


When I go to London I always visit the famous Rough Trade recordshop. Which basically means that I always grab their folder that says ‘Albums of the Month’. This time the first album that was mentioned was by a band called Childhood. Not one to take the description of ones music as a reference to whether I’ll listen to their music or not; I decided to just give it a go and to actually listen to the album ‘Lacuna’.

Blue Velvet is the first song off the album, but it’s also one that immediately came out as one of my favorites. It has this groovy (oh god did I just say that?) vibe to it and it’s a song that must be heard by a larger group of people than just the music loving citizens of London.

So these are the three tunes you certainly must catch on the (We Are) Glazed Spotify playlist. If you are interested in the all the songs on the playlist, then you can find it below or on the right in the sidebar.

Have fun listening!


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