Wandering on Webshops | ASOS Sale – The Final Reduction

Don’t we all have these moments of complete and intense sadness? Where all you want to eat is milk chocolate, cry and listen to The Best Of Joy Division? This happened to me recently. Well. Yesterday. And as I was filling up my digital shopping basket on some random website while listening to ‘The Winner Takes It All’, I found myself digging up a new idea for a monthly blog post. It’s called ‘Wandering on Webshops’.

The ‘random website’ I was actually wandering around on yesterday evening was the ASOS webshop. With my creditcard in hand and no form of self-control I kept filling up my shopping basket with clothes and shoes that I don’t need… AT ALL. But everything was so nice. And so lovely. And so adorable. And it’s SALE… I ended up buying everything (bye €310!!!!!). Take a look at some of the items that I picked out.

image1xl image3xl image4xl
The Ragged Priest Sheer Mesh Panel T-Shirt Dress

image1xl (1) image3xl (1)
Cheap Monday Go Cleated Sole Sandals 


image1xl (2) image3xl (2) image4xl (1)
Neon Rose Denim Skater Skirt With PU Panel 




image1xl (3) image3xl (3) image4xl (2)
Jovonnista Tyra PU Dress with Sheer Overlay

image1xl (4) image2xl image4xl (3)
Glamorous Dress With Twist Back
image1xl (5) image4xl (4)
ASOS EAST SIDE Leather Ankle Boots

These were basically some of the coolest items that I bought. I didn’t want to bore you with the rest, since they were mostly socks or sunnies or dresses that I kind of regret… Uhm.

For those of you who do really have money and know how to spend it wisely: do take a look at the ASOS sale. There are so much more nice items and for such cheap prices. I hate the words ‘fashion orgasm’, but it’s exactly what will happen if you take a visit at ASOS right now.

And to all of you who, like me, still have a broken spirit and no money at their bank accounts anymore; heal fast and/or read this.


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