Two weeks ago I got this e-mail from MTV MOBILE. They asked me ‘if I’d like to go to Amsterdam Live on Stage and blog about it’. ‘Hellll yasss.’ I responded, so there I went. With a Polaroid camera in one hand and my mobile phone in the other. I promised them I’d blog the fuck out of the festival and there I was ready to do so.

Coming into the festival wasn’t as easy as expected. Noor and I couldn’t find the place where we had to pick up our press wristbands, since it was pretty unclear where it was located. Then the rain came down heavily. Oh how I hate the rain when I’m at a festival.

Lucky for us the rain was done at around 3PM and we made ourselves comfortable whilest enjoying Jett Rebel, one of the most talented musicians the Netherlands has ever seen.


Somewhere between drinking Jillz, going into the air carrousel & getting more drunk on Southern Comfort & 7Up, we ended up at Go Back to the Zoo. BOOOOORING.


We bumped into this guy (I totally forgot his name… sorry!) who was so drunk that he didn’t even realize that we used him and his BACKSTAGE wristband to get onto the side of the stage to watch Bakermat DJ.

(If someone regonizes this guy, tell him we still owe him a beer, LOL!)

(My dear friend Noor.)

After the Bakermat gig we decided to head home early so we could still go to our favorite club, Trouw, in the evening. Everything worked out fine and when we did finally put our heads to rest at 7 AM, we were absolutely knackered.

A massive thanks to MTV MOBILE for making this happen.



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