OotD: Fashion Week (Week number-I-have-no-idea-anymore)

Ok. So I went to the Amsterdam Fashion Week. (That’s why I’ve been neglecting Glazed – for which I am very sorry!) Not really a big fan of the event – I’ll explain why after the jump -, but I just had to feed my fashion craving.

I went there with my boyfriend, since he is a terribly talented human being and I like to show him off. Plus he made me a top and guess what? This whole OotD post is dedicated to that superb and magnificent piece of clothing. (Thanks again, babe – I love you!)

First of all: why did this incredible guy make me a top?

A) because I’m his girlfriend
B) because he loves me
C) because I kept begging for it
D) all of the above

(Not 100% sure about it, but I most definitely hope that B is true)

But doesn’t it look GORGEOUS?!


Look at the pink and the black totally fucking match with each other. Isn’t he a creative mastermind? Oh yasss I think so. (How I love questions that I can actually answer myself…)

And here is the top in black and white. Pfff... So artistic.

But if my man went to all of this trouble to make a fabulous top for me to wear at this event, why do I dislike the event? Another futile question that’s easy to answer without needing anyones help.

It’s because the Amsterdam Fashion Week prides itself on being a celebration of fashion, but actually is about which designer has the money to do a show on the Amsterdam Fashion Week. I know it’s not all that black and white, but I personally think that if Fashion Week would focus more on creativity instead of making money that things would change for the better and young designers would get a chance to blow the wind of change. But hey, who am I?

So, that’s it for tonight.

Let me know what your thoughts are and I’ll speak to you all later!


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