by AMFI x Mondaze magazine

So today – on my way to the studio where my boyfriend works at, after a lazy “I’m Hungover Monday”-lunch in the city with my friends – I passed one of my favourite (concept) stores. The by AMFI store. It’s a store that sells clothes from brands linked to the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. This time around it’s not just clothing that is shining in the spotlight,  but it’s Mondaze magazine.


Mondaze is a magazine created by AMFI students. It’s a magazine that’s set up to inspire. They want to boost, motivate, fascinate and even more positive things; as you can read on their website (


What I like about the pop-up store is that it’s again – I say again, because what I am about to say is something that’s one of the standards for the by AMFI store – refreshing and renewing. Not only because the magazine is set up by such young and creative minds, but also because these young and creative souls are represented in the styling of the pop-up store. The colours used in the store are bright and upbeat, but they blend in really well with the clothes and accessories that are being shown in the shop window and the shop itself (apart from the mondaze magazine the by AMFI store is also selling really nice clothes, though I still do not know if the clothes are in line with the pop-up store or even a part of mondaze in any way. If not then the styling of the store needs to get even more compliments.)


With all things said, you should definitely pay a visit to the store when in Amsterdam. I promise you will be fascinated.

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