Soundcloud Sunday: Doctor Dru – Proper Lane

Because of my love for electronic music (mostly Techno/Minimal & Deep House) every Sunday I’ll post a track that found it’s way into my Soundcloud Timeline. It’s for all you cats that share the same love/passion for music made with machines/computers (ok, some of the music is made with instruments… I’ll admit!) or have never really listened to this type of music. This time the track I have chosen is the original mix of ‘Proper Lane’ by Doctor Dru.

For me as a girl growing up, because of my family (mostly my mom & my uncles) I had to listen to a lot of electronic music. Mostly House. They would play it on birthdays, on Christmas & all the other times my family got together. They still do it, but now I’m also participating.

I have this real need to take electronic music out of the sketchy club scene (I love you sketchy clubs, please don’t be offended, haha) & into people’s homes. Techno (I mean the spacey or minimal side of Techno) for instance is such a good genre to use as background music. I get proper relaxed and even happy when I listen to it (when I’m sober!!!).

Doctor Dru may be a House producer/DJ, but the man – who’s real name is Martino Doncello – really knows how to make people dance & enjoy electronic music. He’s even label owner and founder of JEUDI records. Whoopwhoop!

Well, I won’t keep you from listening any longer; enjoy!


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