OotD: Festival Ready (Week 28)

Only a few days ago you guys got a peak into my calendar, to see it was filled with festivals! And because I’m attending the PITCH festival tomorrow this week’s OotD is dedicated to the Summer of Festivals!

(NOTE: I had written everything there was to write about this outfit, but somehow it has disappeared.  So I need to write everything again… It may take a while, please don’t hate me for it. X)

There have always been two crushes in my life and they have cheated on me big time, but I never really had the courage to leave them. Those crushes go by the names Fashion & Music. It may not come as a shock to you guys that I love to go to events that blend the two of them together and meet up with the people they both have cheated me with. Events like festivals for instance. It’s the perfect place to celebrate the two and I always try to look my best.


When I saw the Weekday-dress I just knew how I wanted the complete outfit to look like. Funny how that goes, right? Sometimes you just get this vision. Well, that’s exactly how this whole outfit went down. MTS WEEKDAY, I salute you.



Oh my god, the sunglasses! I didn’t really like the sunnies at first (the reason I bought them was because they looked cute on some random Japanese girl… I don’t know why I thought that they would look good on me because of that, but ok), but they really have been growing on me. It has this space vibe to it & it isn’t that conventional even though I bought them at Forever 21 (!).



I can safely say that the shoes in this outfit are my favourite shoes EVER. I own six pairs of creepers – all from Underground England (I will make a post about the brand somewhere at the end of this month) and I love them all, but this standard model is my favourite since they are combinable with almost every outfit.

If you want to know more about the shoes and the brand, then really you must check back soon.



Show me your festival outfit & tweet me @NinadeKoning or leave a reply!


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