Get a taste of the 90’s at The Cobra Shop

Woooohaaaa! If there is one freakin’ shop that I love on the internet, it is The Cobra Shop. Since 2012 I’ve been a loyal costumer of this extremely cool webshop and every time I go out in their gear I turn heads.

Since I get a lot of questions from friends about where I get my chokers (I have them in pink, black and green) and sunglasses (the Almost Famous-sunglasses are to die for!) I thought it would be time for them & you to meet this place of love and fashion fortune.

Ever since Uffie came out with ‘Pop The Glock’ (that is a freakin’ while ago) I’ve been obsessing over the photo’s of Mark ‘the cobrasnake’ Hunter. He’s a party photographer and I absolutely adore his work. It’s because of him that I was led to The Cobra Shop. When I first visited the site I couldn’t believe my eyes! So much nice clothes and accessoires for such cheap prices!




Most of the clothes really got that 90’s vibe going on and I love how they all seem to have this carelessness floating around it.  The shirts just all scream: ‘Young, wild & free’. Since I feel old as fuck, my lifestyle is incredibly boring and I’m tightly bound to my school, work and social life; it’s not hard to understand how much in need I am of these edgy clothes to make me look as if I’ve got the YOLO-mentality. Ugh, Cobra Shop: give me more, more, more!






If after all these words & pictures you’ve become as wardrobe-hungry as I am now,  visit and get your own awesome LA-ish gear.

What are you waiting for?


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