OotD: Wardrobe Recycling #1 (Week 27)

I’m so excited to be doing my first Outfit Of The Day-post on Glazed!

This used to be Carré’s part of the deal, but I actually wanted to do one so bad for the last couple of months I decided to do it as my first post on the all-new Glazed website. This week is all about recycling your wardrobe!

You know those mornings where you are like: shiiiiit, I’ve got nothing to wear?! It’s these feared moments when all of your favorite clothes are in the washing machine, while you really don’t want to look out of style.

…that’s exactly what happened to me when I wanted to do this OotD post. I want to deny it, but it was pure frustration (and an incredible outburst of fashion-creativity) that made me decide to recycle my wardrobe and put on items I haven’t worn in a very long time.





The incredible Blassst-shoes – as viewed above – are available at the Steve Madden-stores in Europe. In the Steve Madden-webshop however there is a huge sale. Too bad you can’t find these babies (click!) on sale, but they don’t really cost much money anyways (€79,00).

I can highly recommend getting them since they fit really nicely around the foot and walking around in them is extremely pleasant (even throughout the whole day AND night). Honestly, I never walked in such comfortable wedges ever. Too bad I’m so stuck in my London Underground Creeper – fase that I don’t give these lovely shoes the attention they deserve. For that is why they are part of my recycled wardrobe collection.




The blouse I’m wearing is from Pull & Bear Barcelona. I bought it on my last day in Barcelona, because I just felt like I HAD to HAVE it. Because of all the stuff in my closet I never really tend to make an effort to search for this blouse. Too bad as it is truly a comfy and nice blouse to walk around in. Perfect for this summer.

My American Apparel jumpsuit (yes, I’m actually wearing a see-through jumpsuit underneath my Pull & Bear-blouse) on the other hand is an whole different story. Let’s take it back to three years ago, somewhere mid-June. There was this American Apparel sample sale. Since American Apparel always has the tendency to knock down my wallet and change it’s status to K.O., it was actually really nice to see items being sold for ‘only’ €12. So I went out and bought this horrifying and most of all pornographic jumpsuit. It’s the only piece I own that makes my friends wish they never met me (literally you can see my entire underwear when I wear it).

Now, because of the fact that my black-and-golden Primark tights are underneath it,  I actually really like it and I’m going to try and wear it some more without my friends going loco (‘down in apaculo’, nvm). Hell yessss.

Jacket is also from Primark, by the way. I got it from a friend who was cleaning out her closet. SCORE.







Golden cross-ring: Zipper
Golden shackles-ring: Monki
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Silver ‘eye’-ring: Invito
Illuminati necklace: Urban Outfitters

Always sharing to inspire! If you’ve got photo’s of your wardrobe recycle: share them with me. I love to see the items you’ve got hanging in your closet that should be worn more instead of just collecting dust.

Loads of love,


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