Just when you all thought Glazed was #forevergone… I’m here. And I’m very happy to inform you all that I, Nina, will breathe some new life into the Glazed blog! The Glazed blog will from now on be a blog where I’m going to be the only one in charge. And damn… THAT feels GOOD.

Ok, I won’t be completely shutting Carré out as I will sometimes be reposting her video’s, but the main focus will (unfortunately) be on the most boring life of us two: mine.

‘So. why?’, you ask me. That’s not a question that is hard to answer. I always felt the need to blog again. Let’s take a step back in time. (Because of Britain’s Got Talent contestant-Maarty Broekman I can never really write or say that sentence out loud without having his amazing 80s song stuck in my head, click here if you want to be amazed) My whole online-life started when I created a blog on an obscure Google-owned site called At first it was all fun and games. I never really wrote my articles with the intention of actually gaining readers or with the idea of having any readers at all. That escalated pretty soon. 24527_1279560511320_1299244892_30635604_3879450_n 39213_1372258348708_1299244892_30846226_598126_n 40037_419733359369_32702909369_4976027_1237828_n 72757_1458559546184_1299244892_31019912_6115372_n 319272_2084352150608_1299244892_31788639_1105305753_n 558538_606818726005014_1399396036_n 188843_1634902594650_1299244892_31336753_3838164_n(My life in party pictures, oh the joy. Don’t think these pictures will end up in my mom’s photo book.)

Since I am actually pretty much a party girl and have been for a couple of years now I started to write about partying and the DJ’s/bands/acts I went to see. Those acts started to Google themselves and saw the shit I was writing about them. (Not everything was shit… Like, 80% of it was actually really loving and nice, but hey gotta keep you guys thinking that I was a cynical and hating bitch back in the days. It would make me seem like I wasn’t at all a kiss ass and I’d make me sound like I really knew what I was talking about. It’s all about the image, baby.) But ok. I started to gain readers (also through heavy use of social media), more and more and then came the part where I got the awesome and once in a lifetime options to write for other websites. I did and neglected the blog. Until I finally closed it down and decided to never look back (It’s still online somewhere out there, but I just decided to use it as a reference point for personal stuff and as a place to go to when I want to relive memories.).

The never-look-back part got on really well, but then I saw other inspiring blogs and met so many inspiring people that I didn’t want to keep it all from you. I want to inspire you just as much as they keep inspiring me every single day. I want to share with you my OTD’s, my favorite music, my favorite movies, my favorite workouts. Everything that is on my mind and is inspiring to you all or may bring something new and exciting into your life, I just want to give it to ya! Why here at Glazed?  Because I think Glazed would’ve been so much cooler if we had put more effort into it. So I’m restarting the site and breathing fresh air into it. EXCITING!

As this is a beginning of a whole new era (I’m dealing with this very lightly as you can see) I might need to switch some things up down at the categories list and the main menu, but I’ll figure it out as I roll with the punches. (Is that even a good sentence?)

So… YOLO! And see you around.



One thought on “GLAZED IS BACK, YO!”

  1. Wooooow wie is die blonde stoot op foto 5?? 😀 Haha, geintje natuurlijk ❤ Zet hem op met je blog! Maar geen verwijzingen naar Britain's got Talent alsjeblieft, mjn oren bloeden nog steeds.

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