REVIEW: Mulberry French Purse

I’ve always wanted something from Mulberry, since it’s a classy, simple, yet ravishing brand. But who has a thousand dollars for a gorgeous leather chocolate brown Bayswater? Not me, I’m tellin’ ya.
So what could I possibly buy from Mulberry that was (kind of) affordable but still something that I could shove into people’s faces by having to use it all the time? That’s right. A wallet.

I did a bit of research on what design I wanted, what color that design would look the best in, and whether I wanted a small cute one or a fat large one that I could stuff all my moneyssss in. In my case I would’ve stuffed it with receipt from starbucks or primark instead of my non-existing never ending pile of money, so I had made my decision. The small one it was.

It’s GORGEOUS. The leather is so soft and the space the ”small” version has is beyond me. I can stuff as many receipts in there AS I WANT. I definitely cried when my 270 euro (360 USD) was ripped from my bank account, but she was totally worth it. Here some picture of my bebe.

whole6 Open Open3 open4 Open (2) Detail detail3

It’s absolutely beautiful and if you bought your previous purse three years ago from Claire’s and if it’s falling apart like mine was, it’s definitely worth buying.

Get the Mulberry French Purse HERE 

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