Oh. My. God. This has been one hell of a hectic week in Amsterdam, we can tell you, and the week hasn’t even ended yet… It didn’t come as a surprise though, since the MTV Music Week has dropped his colors on the Amsterdam nightlife. And of course tomorrow the celebration of the stars – the event we’ve all been going crazy waiting for – The MTV EMA’s will be held in de Ziggo Dome! And yes, we will report you on the event in every possible way, but FIRST. A recap of the amazing week we’ve had while joining in the MTV Music Week craze!

To be fair with you all; we didn’t see everything, since there was SO much to see and we didn’t have access to everything, BUT we did have a little party with the likes of Kids In Glass Houses, Martin Garrix, Kensington and The Killers. And boy, did they sweep us of our feet.


Wednesday the Music Week kicked off with an incredible performance by Kids in Glass Houses in the Melkweg, who did their first headline show ever. They started the set with their latest hit single ‘Peace’ – coming from the new album that has the exact same title – which made the crowd go absolutely nuts. Something to capture being the fact that the concert hall wasn’t entirely filled (as it should’ve been!), but as always the vocals by Aled Phillips were insanely impressive and a joy to listen to. Older songs like ‘Best Is Yet To Come’ and ‘Give Me What I Want’ gave the crowd such a thrill, that it was enough to make them sing a long to the songs like they were going to get murdered if they didn’t.

I don’t like saying ‘all in all’, but all in all – fuck, there I said it – they did give the crowd, that had the courage to show up, a joyful hour and a half of true rock music.  I’m even going as far as to say that I predict a bigger audience next time they do a headline show in Holland. And yes, I’ll be present again.


Ah. The Killers. In one of the most sacred pop temples of all: Paradiso. Literally sacred since it used to be a church, but now the place inhabits all of music finest acts. With them selling out stadiums worldwide, of course The Killers couldn’t be left out. And what better occasion to pick then the week that follows up to the EMA’s? Exactly.

If everyone in the Paradiso on the 8th of November didn’t already love Brandon Flowers’ vocals then they certainly fell in love right after him singing the first few lines of ‘Shot At The Night’, the first new single of off their upcoming Greatest Hits album. Damn, that man is fine and he can SING! But not only Brandon makes The Killers, which is something people most tend to forget. The band behind the frontman – including David Keuning, Mark Stoermer and Ronnie Vanucci – plays their songs effortlessly, but at the same time they still remain extremely intense and pure. Something that is – unfortunately – rarely seen live whenever bands that have been together for a long time play their sets. It has to be said that there is a sense of routine in the show, but it’s just not killing the spontaneity which is fabulous.

Enough about spontaneity or the lack of it when viewing other bands – it’s about The Killers. Best song of the night by far is the Joy Division cover ‘Shadowplay’. When Anton Corbijn asked them to do the song for his movie ‘Control’ he must have known how amazing the end result would sound. What he didn’t know was the immense impact the song would have when played live. Goosebumps all over the place. It’s now no longer ‘just a song by Joy Division’, no it’s a song taken to the next level by The Killers.

Again (I really have to stop saying it) all in all – even when typing this – I want it again. And again. And again. This is a concert that could’ve lasted forever; the crowd wouldn’t have mind at all. Fortunately for me it’s possible to view this concert over and over again, you just have to catch an MTV World Stage airing. To check when the concert is airing click here.

And then – last but not least – we’ve got the MTV Mobile Store in the busiest shopping area of Amsterdam: Kalverstraat! There was so much happening here. Pretty obvious though, with it being the best place to party along to the most incredible acts Holland has given birth to. Such artists included DJ Martin Garrix, Kensington (as pictured above!), Nicky Romero and Chef’Special.

Every day until the night the store was packed with music loving people listening to live performances from their favorite acts; also getting a chance to meet them after the concert! Such a cool initiative by MTV!

If you want to know what else was up this week you can visit the site (http://www.mtvmusicweek.nl/).


Now I’m off to bed as it has to happen sooner or later. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to sleep well, ’cause of the MTV EMA-excitement, but I’ll give it a try anyway.


Lots of love & check Glazed again soon to see our full MTV EMA-experience,


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