We didn’t know if we really had to alert you on the fact that One Direction released a new single. It had actually already leaked a few days ago, so we weren’t sure if it would be scoop-worthy enough. We figured it wasn’t and you could find it everywhere so why post it on Glazed? But man we were wrong! After hearing the single we completely changed our mind. Not only is editor Carré one of the biggest 1D fans out there, but ‘The Story of My Life’ definitely doesn’t sound anything like what the British boy band has done before. The song really upgrades the guys to a whole new musical level. They’ve matured and they’re ready to let the world know.

Is this the song that will launch a new One Direction era? One in where the band actually becomes a band instead of just an all-boys singing group? We aren’t sure yet, but we do hope the most beloved boyband of all time keeps maturing as it leads to beautiful music, just like this track. (We aren’t the only ones, by the way!)

Today is also the day the music video is coming out, so check the Glazed-Twitter feed if you’re curious to see how the boys did on the ‘Story of my Life’ video.

Have a nice day, babes!


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