Yesss! Some fresh MTV EMA-news has hit us and we wouldn’t be Glazed if we didn’t want to share it with our favorite people on the planet: our readers! YOU WON’T BELIIIIIEEEVE HOW EXCITING THIS NEWS IS. 

Credits go to the amazing Terry Richardson

See this beautiful man? Do you see his sexy eyes, his sexy legs and his sexy everything? Well, we at Glazed are thrilled to announce that HE’S PERFORMING, bitch! (Sorry, I just like the word ‘bitch’ a little bit too much these days…) And not only Robin Thicke and his Blurred Lines are coming to the incredible MTV EMA, nahnah… MTV also managed to get Afrojack (Dutch Pride!!!!) and Snoop Dogg joining forces for a performance!

But hey, if a rap god coming to Amsterdam to smoke some blow wasn’t enough to make you excited MTV also got some real rock n roll-power to please your ears. With The Killers already being added to the line-up they also managed to get the new and sensational band Imagine Dragons to perform a little song at the award show! (Carré ABSOLUTELY loooooves them. We’ve seen them perform at Lowlands Festival and as we say in Holland: it was ‘dikke prima’ (which boldly translates itself to reaaallly good, haha).)

And we save the very best for last: The MTV EMA-presenters. Somebody HAS GOT to present the damn thing, right? Well, we’ve got some more Dutch vibes going on, because one of our favorite actresses and national pride Carice Van Houten – will be there to do a part of the job. You’ve got no idea how proud we are to have such a talented young lady coming from our home country! The Netherlands absolutely LOVES Carice. Proudproudproud!

Other presenters that will appear are rapgoddess Iggy Azalea, UK-sweetheart Ellie Goulding and actor Colton Hayes. Can’t wait to see them all at the Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam!


XOXO and lots of MTV EMA love,



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