#OOTD: Week 42 (’13)

Yay, it’s Autumn! Look at the pretty golden brown leafes that have fallen far from their oh-so secure hometree, wandering and exploring the damp green gras that desperately needs to be mowed. The perfect background for an Autumn, Ariana Grande inspired makeup look for a night out. And the ootd that comes with it, ofcourse. I was inspired by a picture of a business woman desperately trying to catch a taxi with leaves floating in the air, it was beautiful. I, on the other hand, am unemployed. Nobody wants to hire me. It’s sad, I know. So I kind of pretended to be super busy, looking at my phone to check for business meetings, text my friends with benefits and whatever else sexy business woman do. Obviously the red lipstick was a must. Look at the man in the background, what a sex god.

Kissessss, Carré Albers.

Top: Mango studded blouse.
Trousers: Zara Cigarette Pants.
Coat: Topshop.
Shoes: Topshop Gesture Heels.
Clutch: Topshop Leather.
Bracelet: Urban Outfitters.






ootd13_2 Ootd13

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