As you can see in this incredibly funny promo, RedFoo of LMFAO is the host of the MTV EMA’s 2013. And as you may already know, the event will be held in the beautiful capital of Holland: Amsterdam. And guess who are residing in that city? Yes: the editors of the Glazed blog! YAYYAYYAY! Of course we couldn’t let the event just pass by, so we made sure we got a little invitation to the show AND on top of that, with only twenty days left, we will update you on everything involving the MTV EMA’s. But first, for those of you who have lived under a rock for the past couple of months, we have made a little recap. Thank us later.

On the 26th of January 2013 we got the biggest news of the year: the EMA’s, held on November the 10th 2013, would take place in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Already all the teenagers got anxious, because whát if they couldn’t score tickets to the EMA’s? For the last five years it wasn’t possible to BUY tickets, people always had to win them. But after nine months of trying to enter every MTV EMA-competition there was the best news ever came out: the tickets were going to be ON SALE. (You can still buy them, but HURRY UP!)

Now the question on everybody’s mind became: WHO ARE GOING TO PERFORM? Well, not to blow your mind TOO much, but how about Glazed Queen MILEY fucking CYRUS and the incredible and very much ROAR’ing KATY PERRY? Uh? And if that didn’t blow your mind: THE KILLERS are also doing a little performance AND A SHOW in the Paradiso concert hall, because of the MTV Music Week.

And talking about the MTV Music Week: there are a lot more artists lined up for you to have a good time before the real award show will start on Sunday. On Wednesday, the 6th of November, for example, MTV has got the lovely Welsh rockband KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES performing a show in Melkweg. Then MTV managed to get the lads of WHITE LIES doing a show on the 7th of November (already sold out, unfortunately). Also present on the 7th are the Dutch hiphop group THE OPPOSITES, playing in People’s Palace or you can check out R&B and Soul-extravagant ALAIN CLARK playing in Club Ziggo. If after that you still haven’t had enough of the music you can chill at SUPER SOCIAL on the 7th from 22:00 till 05:00. And I haven’t even mentioned RUSSELL BRAND doing a show in Heineken Music Hall or KLANGKARUSSELL in AIR Amsterdam. LIKE WHUUUT?


Aren’t you already psyched as fuck? You should be, at least I know we at Glazed are! In the upcoming days you will read as much as you possibly can about the EMA’s here on Glazed!

Have yourself a lovely Monday night.


Nina de Koning from the Glazed team.

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