We’ve got a little special for you this week and it’s all about the amazing band called The Boxer Rebellion. With them performing a sold-out show in Tivoli, Utrecht tonight and the exclusive interview that’s hitting Glazed on Thursday we couldn’t resist pushing them a little bit more. “What’s so special about them that Glazed is doing a special on them?”, you may ask. Well, this article is all about solving exactly THAT question. This time it’s not going to be Carré or Nina serving you their opinion: no, we found you another fabulous writer and music enthusiast. Her name is Meltem Kumru and she doesn’t LIKE The Boxer Rebellion, no. She LOVES them. Listen up, to what she has to say.

(C) 2010 Mark Prins Photography

The Boxer Rebellion is back (and thank god for that)

Written by Meltem Kumru

If you’ve never heard of ‘the Boxer Rebellion’, I feel so sorry for your ears. The eargasm you’ll get by listening to their music is one of the best eargasms you can get. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great bands out there: but this particular band is amazing.

When you listen to ‘The Boxer Rebellion’ you feel a strange kind of rush through your veins. Their sound is not like any other sound, it’s their own. We all know bands that look like each other, but this band does not has the same vibe as any other band. The Boxer Rebellion caught my attention back in 2010, while I was watching the movie “Going The Distance” starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. The movie was quite terrible, but the music was definitely not. I am grateful that i’ve seen one of the worst movies ever to discover a precious diamond in the rough. (That is indeed a reference to one of their best songs on their newest album: Diamonds)

One of the first songs in the movie which caught my attention was the song ‘If You Run’. The first chords of ‘If You Run’ set the tone for this song: dreamy, mysterious and soothing. Quite frankly, this was my favorite song for awhile. The smooth and silky tones meet up with some mellow words. I got caught off guard and didn’t know what had hit me. As a 17 year old I listened to different kinds of music, but this genre and this song made my heart race.

When we take a look at their latest album ‘Promises’ it is not that different then their old music. It  only got much better.  The newest album feels more mature and gives a different vibe. The sounds on ‘Promises’ are more developed and their songs still are very catchy, when you are in to their music genre. My favorite songs on their newest album are ‘Diamonds’, ‘New York’ and ‘Keep Moving’.

The Boxer Rebellion consider themselves ‘alternative-rock’ and if you are in that kind of music genre, you should definitely be listening to the Boxer Rebellion.

I can hear your ears begging for it right now. Don’t wait any longer and run to your nearest record store to get their newest album now. Or listen to it on Spotify just like we do at Glazed.



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