Dudes and dudettes (well, mainly dudettes, of course…), there is a new Glazed playlist! Hope you guys are excited as we are, because this time we’ve Included songs by Bring Me The Horizon, Ed Sheeran, Bon Iver and Grimes. Check it out!  

“I can’t drown my demons, they know how to swim.” sings a very desperate, but calm Oliver Sykes. With BMTH making some radio friendly music it has been possible for us to finally put them on the playlist. We’ve always had a lot of love for their music and with them improving their sound we love them even more. Good going, guys!

The handsome guys from BMTH.

And not only Bring Me The Horizon has finally made it to our playlist; with MGMT releasing their self-titled third album, we’ve included the song that has the most entertaining music video ever up till now, called ‘Your Life Is A Lie’. If you want to watch it, you can do so here. And although we’re guessing that he wouldn’t like us saying this (as if we know him!), but it’s a fact: Andrew VanWyngarden still looks like a heartthrob. With him wanting to look very serious, and in this way pulling the heartthrob-card unconsciously, makes it even more sexy. (Sorry, Andrew!)

Not only is there ‘new’ music on the playlist. You can also expect to hear The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s ‘Heart Attack’. Or the in August released song called ‘Diamonds’ by The Boxer Rebellion. Oh and actually, if you like The Boxer Rebellion you should keep on checking Glazed. There is an interview coming up with these amazing guys next week, where we’ll ask the band everything you’ve ever wanted to know about them. AWESOME! 

Check out the playlist here:

Have a splendid Sunday, Glazers!



The Glazed staff

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