It’s never been a secret: Glazed loves (the NOT pregnant) Miley Cyrus like Scrooge McDuck loves his money. We’ve published an article telling people to back the fuck off and let her live and it’s seems we aren’t the only ones loving her to bits. Miley is now starting her own movement with MTV airing the beginning of it! “The movement needs to be something bigger than just a record. For me, a movement is something that represents like taking over the world.” Go, Miley!

miley the movement 1
Probably the most beautiful twenty year old in music business at the moment.

And she doesn’t stop there.  When asked about her so-called ‘change’, that allegedly drove her relationship with Liam Hemsworth off a cliff, she says: “People always want to call it a transition. It’s not a transition. I’m the same human, I’ve got the same heart I did 5 years ago. Everything about me is the same. Same skin, same human. So it’s not a transition. It’s, it’s a movement. It’s a growth. It’s a change.” Very wise words for a woman of her age, I must say. (I should know since I’m a year older than she is…) Her wisdom and fighters mentality are one of the strongest factors throughout the entire documentary. At some point Miley even goes as far as to say that “If you’re not first, you are last”. It’s no wonder, when you’re THAT ambitious, you’ve got your demons to beat from time to time. The people who don’t get that must be some lazy, narrow-minded twats.

Not to be a narrow-minded twat myself: I do have to say that having seen ‘Miley: The Movement’, that is set to air at 10:00 PM tonight (USA)/20:50 this Friday (Netherlands), it did feel a little bit like Miley still has this tough front she puts up, acting all cool and dope not to show her true insecurities. While on the other hand when she speaks about ‘Bangerz’ it feels like she is somewhat amazed that artists like Nelly, Britney and Pharrell were happy to work with her. It seems like, rationally, Miley knows she’s successful, but, emotionally, still doesn’t believe it yet. Or maybe she’s just insecure, because ‘Bangerz’ is the first album she did that can be perceived as an album totally approved by her. Thinking about that one question: But what if the world doesn’t approve?

Miley Cyrus - photo credit Tyrone Lebon (2)

After the documentary I got the chance to sit and listen to the entire Bangerz album and I was surprised! The album is actually a really good variety of pop tunes that are sung by an incredibly talented young voice. I don’t really know if I actually like it better than the music she used to make (The cover of Poison’s ‘Every rose has it’s thorn’ is still one of my favorite songs EVER), but I do know the world would approve. Or: at least I know, I did.

If you want to stream the album on iTunes until the minute of the release then head over to this link and pre-order the album too, while you are at it.




  1. I totally agree! Though I’m not a true Miley Cyrus fan, I was a real “Hannah Montana”-lover once, had things like pens and CD’s to even things like bed sheets… Anyway I get that people would want her to stay like that, like the sweet cute teenage superstar Hannah Montana, but they’ll just have to accept that in real life she’s Miley, and only Miley. And just like any other ordinary teenager/ young adult, she goes through changes in her life, she’s exploring and experimenting. So let her! Maybe if everyone would just back off a bit she’d get the space she needs and maybe, just maybe, she’ll turn out exactly how y’all wanted her to be in the first place.

    And if she doesn’t, well, then that’s too bad. Luckily for you there are only thousands of other sweet cute teenage superstars who can’t wait for some of your attention.


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