#OOTD: Week 40 (’13)

So for the longest time I’ve been wanting to go to the ballet. I never really got around to it though, either I didn’t have any time, or no one really felt like coming with me. Not having any money doesn’t exactly help either. And let me tell you, these tickets are not cheap.


Fortunately for me, my dad suddenly showed a great interest in the ballet, claiming that he’s ”always loved how classic it is”. And when he offered to pay for both our tickets I decided it was probably a good idea not to mention that it was in fact a modern ballet performance. Luckily he didn’t notice a thing, since he has absolutely no knowledge of dance whatsoever. But, what does one wear to one of these ballet performances?

I knew it had to be chic. But what kind of chic? Dress worthy? Floor-length gown kind of chic? Jeans with heels paired with a blazer kind of chic? Being under/overdressed is one of the worst states one can be in, and because I had no idea what party I was attending, I opted for something save. Cue the monochrome!

Black is one of the most chic color out there, right? Can we all agree on that? Good. But an all black outfit for ballet, miiiight be a little too much. Just a little. Hence the white. Monochrome is my ultimate favorite trend, and it happens to be totally trending for Fall/Winter this year, lucky me!
I knew I wanted to wear cigarette pants, because you can’t go wrong with those. The print is already kind of in-your-face so the top couldn’t be too over-the-top, just a little bit of print would do the trick. Add in a all black blazer to tone down the prints, add in some heels, and voilà! I even carried around a clutch (which I think totally defeats the purpose of a bag, you end up carrying your stuff in your hands anyways) just for the sake of this look. I know, it’s pretty mind-blowing. And no, I don’t know why I own one.

By the way, the ballet was pretty awesome.

Carré Albers.




Blouse : Topshop.
Pants : Topshop.
Shoes : Topshop.
Blazer : Super Trash.
Watch : Marc Jacobs.
Clutch : Topshop.
Sunglasses : Michael Kors.

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