(I wrote this article in a fever so it isn’t that long. It’s just my opinion about the Jimmy Kimmel-Kanye West feud. It felt like something I just finally HAD to say.) 

Latest Kanye West-news: the rapper is furious (again). You might have seen my little reference in the Kate Nash-article, but this time he has pointed his hate-arrows on Jimmy Kimmel. This all happened, because Kimmel made this extremely funny parody of little kids reenacting a few lines from the interview West did on BBC Radio 1. The interview was held by, it seems a very uninterested, Zane Lowe. And in the interview West went back to his old ways, claiming  ‘that he himself was the biggest rockstar on the planet’. All I can say to that is: Ok. And:

Kanye, I really want to like you. You made this incredible album called The College Dropout and I loved it very much. Only ever since your new album Yeezus I’ve been wondering: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU DUDE?! Getting pissed on Kimmel for him making jokes about your comments, while you’re actually making yourself look like a joke saying these incredibly stupid and naïve things. Do you really think people see you as the new Tupac? I wonder.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for being self assured and embracing your talent; I sometimes also kind of overdo it, but you just take it to a whole new level. Making yourself look self centered and stupid. People keep telling me that your arrogance is old news, but still you keep blowing my mind by saying the stuff you say. And let’s be honest: Yeezus wasn’t as amazing as to what the media tried to make us believe. It’s just you, mister Kanye West (note the sarcasm here), being angry combined with even more angry drums and weird spontaneous electronic noises.

Although I can literally dream some of your old songs, which I still love to listen to, but I just feel like you’ve become the Lindsay Lohan of the Hip Hop scene: delusional and with so much talent that went unused.

…If only you would see for yourself.


Have a good weekend Glazers.

Much love,


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