(Photo above was shot by Brian Krijgsman)

“You’d said you’d lend me anything; I think I’ll have your company.” is the first line that comes to mind whenever I think about a Kate Nash-song. It’s from ‘Paris’ that was released on the second album called ‘My Best Friend Is You’. An album that turned things around for the British singer. When I saw her for the last time in Paradiso this was the last album she dropped and still I saw an adolescent girl who really wanted to become a power woman, but still hadn’t really found her way to make that happen. Things sure have changed since then.

2013-09-25 23.39.37
Chilling with my girls Jaz and Kate. Like it’s business as usual. (Never mind my tongue. It seems not all of my ‘Miley-Cyrus-tongue-out’ attempts look nice..)

When Jaz and I finally arrived at the Melkweg (why the heck was Kate playing the Old Room and not the fucking Amsterdam ArenA?!?!? Ok, maybe I know the answer to that, but still… Melkweg The Max would’ve been nice.) the opening act already started playing. Their name was The Tuts and it was an all girl band from Hayes, London. Unfortunately not hearing too much of them, because of bad sound engineering, we figured it was a good time to get our dances on. So while listening to the singer mumble and scream such things as ‘If your boyfriend is shit, dump your boyfriend!’ (which we did thought was very funny and accurate) we stood in the back, dancing and laughing only just because we were having such a good time already.

Then when the fabulous Kate Nash came out to play we jumped forward and got ourselves wowed over the amazing dress she was wearing made by the infamous Dutch designer Bas Kosters – whose clothing I adore so much! Not knowing she would be wowing us almost the entire show with different dresses after only having played a few songs each time she would change.

2013-09-25 20.54.35

After having played one of my favorite songs (that’s Pumpkin Song, my all time favorite wasn’t played as it’s Mansion Song and wasn’t brought out as a radio single) she told us, as a joke, that she was actually thinking of keeping it ‘smart casual’ tonight, not to stand out too much. Pulling off the charm card which she plays so well. Then she went on to play Foundations and Girl Gang (you can see me dancing on stage with some other random chicks & Jaz – https://vine.co/v/h6BaJUHKiZh), a brilliant adaption of FIDLAR’s ‘Cocaïne’. When she ended with an acapella song the crowd, together with us, went nuts.

But if you thought the evening ended there you were sadly mistaken. Kate joined the party at the merchandise table to sign some merch bought by her fans. And as a real supporter of good music I thought I’d buy something myself, so I got this lovely bag signed. Jaz & I had a laugh with her – I’m her cutie now, lol – and we took some photo’s. Kate is such a lovely person, ’cause not only did she take the time to talk to everyone; her first words to every person she met at the merch table were ‘thank you so much for coming out’. In a time where Kanye West tells the media that he’s the Steve Jobs of creativity it’s nice to see an artist so humble to her audience.

2013-09-26 10.26.54
The bag, ladies and gentlemen.

If you were there or maybe at some other show, share your experience with us and comment below! If you haven’t yet: GO!

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