HEALTH: What the hell is a ”Blogilates”?

Back when I was a kid I liked chocolate. A lot of it. I’m not sure if you are aware of the chocolate brand called ”Kinder”, but I forbid you from looking it up. You will gain 30 pounds by just looking at it. It’s white colored chocolate cream covered by silky creamy milk chocolate. Just one of these bastards by itself contains 175 calories, and those are just the small ones. And I was a kid who liked to eat a box containing 16 of these delicious delicacies a day, while watching my favorite show Pokémon. That counts up to 2800 calories a day, resulting in a weight gain of approximately 1 kg a day, if all you ever did was sit around (thank goodness I was an active kid). Suffice it to say, I was a chubby kid.

So for the longest time I’ve been trying to lose weight. I’ve been losing and gaining for  approximately three years, because I had absolutely no clue of what I was doing. ”Oh, it’s okay to eat this mini magnum, because it’s mini and I’ll work out a little harder tomorrow.” No, you WON’T, silly old me. I didn’t realise that losing weight took a lot more than exercising a few hours a week, and that it was NOT okay to eat chocolate here and there. I was so naive, I didn’t even understand the danger of white bread and soda yet. So basically, I was just messing around.

When I was 16 I was searching online for exercise videos, that I’d always end up watching and not actually DOING, and I stumbled upon Blogilates. The video was called the Call Me Maybe Mighty Squat Challenge and it looked pink and girly so obviously, me being a fangirling teenager and all, I clicked it.
”Hey guys, it’s Cassey! It’s been so long since I uploaded a true pop pilates video!” Girl, I have never ever seen one of your videos and this’ll probably be the last as well, so don’t get to excited there. However, when I finished the workout, I could barely BREATHE. My legs hurt, my butt hurt, my feet hurt, even my arms hurt and I didn’t even use them. This was the beginning of the, what I like to call it, ”CASSEY ERA”.

Now, Blogilates is a fitness blog and youtube channel run by Cassey Ho. All hail Cassey! She will get you through a workout you thought you could never finish in a million years. After 2 months of just the Blogilates exercises (at this point I hadn’t discovered her blog yet, just the youtubechannel) I’d already lost 10 pounds, which for me was an achievement! She talks and talks and goes on and on about the most irrelevant things like, ”What color are you nails today?”, then she’d tell you about how her fingers didn’t match with her toenails. I LOVED IT. She keeps your mind from the pain and shows you that you truly are stronger than you think you are. ”It’s all in your head. If you believe you can do it, you can do it.” You’re right Cassey!

So I was doing my cardio and pilates 5×6 times a week for an hour, I was eating clean (sort of), but I didn’t know what foods to eat when, or with what, or what foods made you full or contained certain types of vitamins and so on. This is when the blog steps in. Cassey has recipes, meal plans, tips, forums, workout calenders, EVERYTHING you need to get your diet started! So recently I have been on her 90 days meal plan (which you can totally do for a period of time you feel comfortable with, it doesn’t have to be 90 days!), and I was suprised on how easy it is. It’s one of those mealplans which makes you eat every 2-3 hours with 6 small meals a day containing about 200-300 calories each. If I would’ve tried that on my own, with MY own foods, I would’ve been starving after one hour. ”Can I eat yet? Urgh, one more hour.” But yesterday I actually told my mom, ”Mom, it’s been two hours since I last ate, but I’m not even hungry yet.” CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

So I suggest you all check out Blogilates because basically, it’s just the bomb. Cassey is a Victoria Secret-looking wonder giving to us by jesus. I will definitely continue this untill I look like Candice Swanepoel. Which’ll probably take ages. But, you know, I got some time.

It’s not like I have a life.

Carré Albers.

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