When I searched IMDB to find the year this movie came out, I was absolutely shocked. Has it seriously been 13 years ago that one of the best movies of all time, titled Almost Famous, was made? It didn’t feel that way to me, I mean Kate Hudson doesn’t seem that changed, nor has Zooey Deschanel. Patrick Fugit on the other hand… (Which wreck did he crawl out of?) Although, after surviving my shock, I felt more secure about using this movie as the first film-blogpost on Glazed. I mean, if Almost Famous has already reached puberty, was made many years after the things portrayed in the movie occurred  but still hasn’t lost any relevance, then you know it at least deserves a blog post on an obscure website.


What is the movie about?

The movie is about youngster William Miller. He has grown up way too soon, because of his sweet, but overprotective mother (excellent performance by actress Francis McDormand) who despises all rock ‘n roll music. His sister Anita (played by Zooey Deschanel) however loves herself some rock ‘n roll and wants to escape her mom as soon as she can. When she finally does – she runs away with her boyfriend to become a stewardess – she leaves William all of her records, so he can fall in love with the music too. From that moment on he decides he wants to be a music journalist for Rolling Stone mag. I’m not going to give everything away, but somewhere in the middle of the movie he meets Penny Lane (this is the role that made me learn to love Kate Hudson), the actual star of the movie as she is a band-aid and in love with Russell Hammond. Guitarist of Stillwater, the new and upcoming rock group, that William tours with to land his first article for Rolling Stone.  William gets to know her and gets fascinated by her perception of love in the world of rock ‘n roll, while it’s clear Russell just uses her for when he’s out on tour and in need of attention and sex. Or does he secretly love her? Ok. I’ve been spoiling way too much. Let’s move on further to why you HAVE to see this movie.


Why the world is going to stop turning if you don’t go out and catch this movie:

1) Kate Hudson & Zooey Deschanel.
2) Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s amazing performance as music critic ‘Lester Bangs’.
3) The soundtrack includes ‘Tiny Dancer’ by Elton John and ‘That’s The Way’ by Led Zeppelin.
4) Kate Hudson & Zooey Deschanel.
5) Rock ‘n Roll.
6) Watching it gives you a rush similar to playing a two hour sold out gig at Hyde Park.
7) Have I mentioned Kate Hudson already?

So my lovely fellow hippies, I hope I was convincing enough for you to just lay down your LSD and run to your nearest video rental shop to grab  Almost Famous of the shelf. And with the little breath you’ve got left from running so fast – you say to the man behind the counter: ‘I’m going to watch the greatest movie on earth!’

And then, when the credits roll in, let us know what you thought. You can do this by simply tweeting us or you can leave a comment right underneath this post..

Check back regularly to see new movie tips!



PS. There are two related articles posted below for you to read if you aren’t convinced yet. I just found that they were way too good to go unnoticed.

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