TRAVEL: Hi, my name is Tanny.

So I think a lot of us know that Starbucks coffee is good. Really good. Man I love myself a caramel macchiato from time to time. The brand is good, the coffee is good, the colors are great, but sometimes the staff is a bit, to put it bluntly, deaf. And english speakers aren’t exactly known for their good foreign pronounciation. Let me give you a few examples of my starbucks orders throughout the last few weeks in London. 

Starting with the worst:

The right way to write my name has yet to be written. I agree that my name isn’t exactly an easy one like Anna, but please, when I explain to you that the last ‘e’ has a diagonal stipe on top and you still fail to draw one on the foam cup containing my hot liquid, you either didn’t finish your education or turned up your heavy metal a little too much. Just saying.

It won’t withhold me from going back though.  😉

Carré Albers.

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