#OOTD: Week 37 (’13) (PART 2 – Carré)

Unlike Nina, I DO organize my clothes by color and pick my outfits with care. Not that there is a lot of color in my closet, I’ve always been the biggest fan of monochrome outfits, but sometimes you see an occasional pop of color in the form of a coat or bag. Just sometimes, though.

This is the outfit I wore to the Topshop opening in Amsterdam september 2nd. Well, this minus the coat. The moment I walked into the fresh new corner of the dutch warehouse ”The Bijenkorf”, which was bombarded by people, I layed my dark brown, greedy and needy eyes on what is now my favorite coat ever. It was calling my name, and after I tried on the 35% cotton and 65% polyester size 34, I knew that it was all I needed for Fall.

Plus maybe a new pair of leather boots. Or a trenchcoat. If my wallet lets me. Come to think of it, a new nice wallet..

Top: Topshop Lace Raglan Tee.
Pants: Topshop Textured Cigarette Trousers.
Shoes: Zara Open Nappa Track boots.
Coat: Topshop Light Check Boyfriend Throw On Coat.
Bag: Mulberry knock-off bought at Camden Town.

Let me know what you think about my smashing outfit or tweet Glazed at http://twitter.com/weareglazed/.



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