#OOTD: WEEK 35 (’13)

Me being back in old cold Holland doesn’t mean that I had to dump my London style in a bin back in Old Street. On the contrary, I’ve decided that this little town could use a bit of an upbring when it comes to styling. The old me would’ve adapted to her new surroundings, a bit more outgoing in the city, and a bit simpler in the rural country. But when did people start combining wrong sized capripants with a hoodie and hideous primark flipflops? Should she just adapt and switch her Topshop Gesture heels for worn-out primark sandals? No, she shouldn’t. And I wasn’t about to start either. Cue the jumpsuit.

Vanessa White (Left) and Jennifer Lopez (right)

This Topshop banana leaf jumpsuit (worn by Vanessa White and Jennifer Lopez) is most definitely a showstopper, especially in a fashion-flatter invested town like mine. But, even though I like attention, I decided to tone it down a notch by adding a simple black Supertrash blazer, to make the outfit less ‘in your face’. To match the blazer I paired the outfit with my oh-so-classy Topshop Katz, and added a gold chain necklace with a Marc Jacobs Henry Dinky 21mm watch and 3 midi rings from urban outfitters.

I have yet to find a good photoshoot-ish background, but for now, you can feast your eyes with a part of my wardrobe. Oh joy.

Carré Albers.

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