Frank E Hollywood, the guy that has paint instead of blood floating through his veins, opened his exhibition ‘Urban Art Army’ yesterday at the overly-crowded FOUR by Azzuro Store in Amsterdam. The exhibition features photographs of photographers and models from all over the world showing off the army-clothing that Frank painted over to make them look impeccable. And like always, Glazed was there to report on everything going on!


That face looks familiar, now does it? Of course it does! It’s my (ex-)roomie Sanne. My partner in crime when it comes to reporting about awesome events.
Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out the event report for Indian Summer Festival!


As already mentioned above, the exhibition consisted of photographs from various cities. I actually thought that the cities that were represented were good picks as ever city totally had their own vibe. The one that stood out for me the most was the picture taken in London. I’ve been a fan of the British capital for as long as I can remember, but that wasn’t why I loved the picture so much. The picture spoke to me, because of it’s simplicity. Same went for Istanbul. Both of them had pictures with just a white background and a statement. The girl in the photograph from London totally flirts with the spectator, unlike the one from Istanbul that has a guy standing up for his country whilst making a fist to the ground. Both of them have no top on. It’s needless for me to say that this also appealed to me a lot.

The (cheeky) photo from London, spoken about above.


The event was managed really well. Even though the FOUR by Azzuro shop isn’t that small I did sometimes feel a little claustrophobic with all those people running around, trying to check out all the three floors that were filled with art. On the ground-floor there even were girls taking your picture with some of the unique Urban Art Army-pieces. You could feel like a supermodel yourself for a few minutes. It was so much fun.

One of my other roomies Manon (who’s also a stylist/model AND Frank’s girlfriend) was catering the event by handing out lovely drinks (ALCOHOL!!!!) to cool off and make everyone feel welcome. She’s so lovely.


There were also non-clothing items, like the bag shown below, that were painted over by mister E Hollywood. I like this bag in particular because of the details on the owl. It makes the animal really pop out despite of all the other colours painted around it. For a fact I do know it’s something Frank E Hollywood also pays a lot of attention to in his other work. With paintings of faces that aren’t only made out of paint, but also little pieces of papers cut out from a cartoon or dollar notes that are glued on the painting. Just to give it that little additional touch. It pleases me to see that he continued doing that for the Urban Art Army-exhibition.




Whilst seeing the photo’s and reading about the opening I can’t imagine that you aren’t excited to go and visit the exhibition. Well, aren’t you lucky! “Frank E Hollywood presents Urban Art Army” is running ’till the 25th of August at the FOUR by Azzuro Store, located at the PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam.

Go, go, go check it out!


– Nina de Koning

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