FASHION: Glazed goes jewelry with JLPromiseJewellery!

(The skull and gemstone Dangle Earings – €8,49)

It’s Glazed first time talking about accessories, but it’s much needed, because without accessories your clothes would be awfully boring. So editor Nina decided to give you a sneak peak through one of her favorite stores on webshop JLPromiseJewellery. All the jewelry is hand-made by a beautiful and lovely woman named Jose that lives in one of the most fabulous cities out there: New York! Her products are absolutely love-able and they aren’t as expensive as they look. Nina shows you my three most favorite pieces!

#1: The skull bracelet – €16,99


So here we have the Skull bracelet! It’s very popular since it’s such a cutie. The color of the skulls aren’t too present so it fits the golden on the chain bracelet perfectly. It’s perfect for a night on the town, but you can also just wear it to work with a casual outfit, maybe with some tight blue jeans. It looks sophisticated and fun at the same time and let’s that edgy side of yourself pop out. Want to see another photo? Ofcourse, there you go!


#2: Pastel Colored Multi Strand Beaded Bib Necklace – €53,28


I normally don’t crave for a necklace this bad, but I really want to have this one. It’s simple, it’s stylish and I can totally see people wearing this by the end of the summer with autumn kicking in. This necklace is perfect to combine with when you’re wearing a thin white blouse (for example blouses by Zara or Mango) or on a short sun dress while bathing in the sun or drinking a cocktail on a terrace. Want to see the necklace from a different angle to decide wether you’re going to take it or not? Well, of course there you go, love!


#3: Antique Bronze Chandelier Prism Necklace – €27,03


‘Wow!’ was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this one. I love how the teardrop pendant is just chilling there, being nothing less than beautiful! The clothing that is worn in the photo’s is pretty spot on, but I’d recommend wearing this with a little black dress to drive your boyfriend/girlfriend absolutely crazy. Want to see this beautiful work of art in full? You can do so below!


With my favorites already picked now it’s time to pick yours and buy them! Or you can drive Jose crazy with your love for her shop on her personal Twitter account.

Have fun with the JLPromiseJewellery shop on Etsy!

Love, Nina.

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