EVENT REPORT: Milkshake Festival 2013

Schermafbeelding 2013-07-25 om 20.46.39

On Sunday the 21th of July, Milkshake Festival hit the Westerpark in Amsterdam for the second time around. The festival, that has the tagline saying ‘for boys who love girls who love girls who love boys who love boys’, was completely sold out and Glazed was eager to be a part of the crowd. So when Nina got the opportunity to work there as an entertainer for the Rumour Has It-stage, she put on her nicest bra and went to the most notorious one-day festival in Amsterdam at the moment.

The day begun at 10 ‘o clock. Well, at least for the entertainers. What was my main goal? My main goal was to get people to visit the Rumour Has It-stage. This was a stage placed somewhere hidden in the back of the festivalarea. It wasn’t really too hard to get noticed since there were three HUGE flags made that we could walk the area around with. Also we had three black Super Soakers to spray the festivalpeeps with so we could really draw the attention to ourselves and the message we wanted to get across.

The Rumour Has It-girls.

Since the festival was so well-organized we had enough water to feed our thirst (not only our thirst was fed, also there was water sprayed on the audience almost every half an hour to provide healthy dancing conditions) and enough breaks to see the acts we wanted to see. And those breaks were sacred to me, since I wanted to make sure I would see the DJ’s I wanted to see. The first DJ up was Valentijn. She dj’ed at the SuperToys-stage and it was absolutely incredible. The music she used wasn’t really special since most of it consisted of popsongs, such as Nicki Minaj’ ‘Starships’ and ‘Euphoria’ by Loreen, that you can look up yourself, but the fact that she had so much fun doing her own thing made her set so amazing. She was singing and dancing along to every song and all the songs were flowing into each other perfectly. Valentijn’s set was a perfect start of an openminded festival with people kissing and touching each other without being perverts. (In the very first picture you can see the hysteria at the SuperToys-stage)

Schermafbeelding 2013-07-25 om 20.46.51
With one of my best friends Liane. She’s an absolute sweetheart.

In the last break we, Liane and I, went to the Ferris wheel that was placed in the middle of the park. It was pretty cool to oversee the whole crowd. There were so many people! It was absolutely crazy. And all the stages were totally packed. Everyone was having so much fun, dancing all around and making such loud noises.

Other acts I’ve seen include Chris Julien, DJ Jean, Joost van Bellen and Rachel Green. Unfortunately I missed Vengaboys, who were the suprise act at the UltraSexi-stage, but it was a little disappointment on such an incredible day. Milkshake Festival provided a safe and loving one day family to cherish and capture until the next edition is kept in 2014. And of course Glazed will be there!

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