CHANEL Prêt-à-porter Fall/Winter 2013 Fashionshow

CHANEL Ready-To-Wear Fall 2013 fashionshow venue Grand Palais, Paris.

‘’A completely different direction, of what still is a 100% CHANEL.’’

The message was loud and clear, CHANEL shops and counters are popping up everywhere, conquering the world and dressing fashion followers in the finest materials and designs of its new clothing lines. On the immense globe in the middle of the circular runway in the Grand Palais, Paris CHANEL-show witnesses, including Vanessa Paradis, Jessica Chastain and Amber Kuo, could perceive the locations of CHANEL shops around the world, marked by illuminated flags wearing the famous CC.

‘’CHANEL opened its first shop exactly 100 years ago in Deauville. Now there are over 300 CHANEL shops in the world.’’

The reason I choose the CHANEL Ready-To-Wear show on March 5th as my first showreview, is because there is so much going on in this collection this season. The materials, the designs, the pieces and accessories (A lot of them looking almost identical, yet completely different) are all following the currently upcoming Monochrome trend. The collection was bathing in black leather and chains, according to Lagerfeld inspired by the colours of shadow, and mystery. Over-the-knee combat boots and socks were hard to overlook, and evidently a central inspiration piece. Almost every model was dressed in these badboys, including Cara Delevingne and Daphne Groeneveld, which made the show even more appealing to me. Cara was dressed in a Prussian blue trench coat paired with black patent leather over-the-knee boots covered in silver chains and matching patent leather gloves. Also present on Delevingne’s body was the ‘’helmut-hat’’ – Hot pink or blue fur seen on multiple models that evening.

Daphne Groeneveld and Cara Delevingne, wearing the Helmut - hat by CHANEL.
Daphne Groeneveld and Cara Delevingne, wearing the Helmut – hat by CHANEL.

‘’The silhouette has to be different, these are double length. They are very decent things that you can zip down.’’

Also seen a lot – Collars. A huge element this season. Collars on coats, sweaters, dresses, on everything. Turned down collars, ruffled collars, camp collars, peter pan collars, you name it, I’ve seen it. And loved it. For the people who love themselves some more neck candy, almost no models were send onto the runway without a delicious chain necklace or choker.

Continuing with the accessories, the clutches and purses were kept small and interesting for this collection. Some quilted, some not. Yet all of them marked by the astonishing CC. Some people could even spot the globe shaped designed clutch that walked the runway. By the way that people are referring to this collection as world domination, I can only say, I see what you did there Karl.

‘’It’s not important to know what material it is, what is important is the effect. The idea is to make believe, it talks to your imagination.’’

Tweed coats and sweaters, embellished with feathers and ruffles, give the Haute Couture touch. With the metallic threads woven through them, I must say that the coats are most definitely my favourite pieces of the show. Much desirable for wet autumns and cold winters, since they’re moisture-resistant and durable. Just a little fact from me to you.

– Carré Albers.

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