EVENT REPORT: Indian Summer Festival 2013

Indian Summer Festival 2013 (1)

We Are Glazed first event report will cover the lovely Indian Summer Festival in Broek op Langedijk, The Netherlands. The festival consisted of absolute madness packed in one weekend with bands and DJ’s such as Keane, The Bloody Beetroots, Roger Sanchez and The Prodigy. Glazed editor Nina only got to visit the festival on Sunday, because of work, but wasn’t bummed out at all. Seeing Roger Sanchez and The Prodigy was enough for her to feel privileged. Here you can read her findings and see the Instagram-photo’s she took of the festival.

Although Indian Summer is a pretty big festival nowadays, it still wasn’t a walk in the park trying to get to the place where we could pick up our presstickets. The people giving them out were hidden in some small container parked on a random farm in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately my roommate Sanne – the person I was going with – had her friend Michael pick us up in his car, so we didn’t have to walk there. A pretty good compensation on Sanne’s behalve, ’cause she had been nagging all the way to the festival.

A picture with my beautiful, lovely and nagging roommate Sanne. <3
A picture with my beautiful, lovely and nagging roommate Sanne. ❤

The Opposites

When we finally got there we rushed to see The Opposites play. They are probably one of my favorite Dutch hiphopacts at the moment, because of the realness of their music. All their raps are about life and the things you learn while living it. You can truly feel that most of the things they rap about are things they have experienced themselves. Although sometimes with their songs, for example ‘Broodje Bakpao’ and ‘Thunder’, they take the easy way out and choose for a wider audience. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but with them I do think it is a bad influence on the music, since it destroys the realness. On ISF they played a very decent set, although at some moments it did get a little bit boring. If you aren’t familiar with The Opposites or you aren’t from Holland you should definitely watch Sukkel voor de Liefde.


After The Opposites Sanne and I just had to make our way to the DJ’s. We saw DJ Skitzofrenix and Feest DJ Ruud. Both really good DJ’s, although I liked Skitzofrenix better since his set had some dirty sounds going on and Feest DJ Ruud just played what the people wanted to hear. (I don’t think that’s a bad thing to do, it just isn’t my style.) After Skizofrenix & Feest DJ Ruud we went to watch legendary DJ Roger Sanchez. He’s one of my favorites and Another Chance is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard (it helps if you watch the music video too, though). The music and performance were amazing. All of the sudden there were girls dancing around with indian-like ornaments in their hair, Roger was smiling like crazy, Sanne was having a great time and I just got goosebumps from everything happening all at once. When we went to sit by the lake, with the sun disappearing into the water, he finally played his monsterhit ‘Another Chance’ and the goosebumps returned. It all felt way too perfect.

Roger Sanchez at the Main Dance-stage.
Roger Sanchez at the Main Dance-stage.
The dancers at the Roger Sanchez show
The dancers at the Roger Sanchez show.
Schermafbeelding 2013-06-17 om 10.30.01
My outfit!

When Roger’s set ended we made our way to The Prodigy, which wasn’t as good as I wished it would be. They were way too loud yelling stupid lines that made their music sound overdone and chaotic. It was a little bit of a let down and we went home feeling disillusioned, but with the memories of earlier that day fresh in the back of my mind. When I look back, I should say that I do think Indian Summer Festival is a great festival with visitors of all walks of life. It’s also a great place to just chill out and relax. The view over the lake is absolutely dazzling and when the sunsets it feels like you are at sea somewhere far away. It’s so magical: I’m definitely going to visit again next year!

The sunset.
The sunset.

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