Hiya readers of Glazed,
This is our first post ever and we are very proud to announce that Glazed will be launching soon!
We’ll be having the actual launch on 14th of July 2013. Which is in only five weeks! WAAAAH! So psyched!

What is Glazed all about? We are a lifestyle blog, what basically means that we blog about our life. ‘Our life’ as in the lives of Nina de Koning and Carré Albers. What most of you may already know is that we are, in fact sisters. That also being one of the reasons why we want to blog together. Together, as in literally together, since we’ll be moving to London (Nina will move when she finishes school). Due to this fact we blog in English.

What can you expect to read? Think things like reviews of concerts, fashion shows, clothing lines, books, festivals & movies featuring a little bit of entertainment, health & beauty updates. Of course we’ll also keep you updated on the big things in our everyday lives.

Check back as much as you like. During the weeks before the launch we will make video updates on our emotional state. Hopefully we won’t fall apart!


Nina & Carré

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